Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of business is ShurAds?
A: ShurAds is an internet advertising platform.
Q: What kind of advertising do you sell?
A: ShurAds advertising products are:

  • Mail Ad Click advertising (Guaranteed to be opened, read and your site visited)
  • Banner advertising
  • Text advertising
Q: Do I have to be an affiliate of ShurAds or have a membership to buy advertising?
A: No. Anyone can purchase advertising from ShurAds at any time by clicking on the "Advertise" link at the top of the page.
Q:  Does ShurAds have an affiliate program?
A: Yes. You can register free as an affiliate and either upgrade to pro affiiate status or earn your way up to pro affiliate status.
Q: How can I earn while in free affiliate status?
A: We pay our affiliates to review ads submitted by both our Advertisers and Affiliates. Because we are always looking to bring on new "Ad Reviewers", we also pay our affiliates for sharing ShurAds with others (who then register for free) with a 25 cent signup referral bonus.
Q: How can I earn once I am in pro affiliate status?
A: Through our ShurAds Advertise and Earn Rewards program, you receive the reliability and effectiveness of guaranteed advertising at a steep, ongoing discount along with an incredibly generous rewards program:

  • You earn when YOU review ads
  • You earn when YOUR referrals review ads (100% Match)
  • You earn when YOUR ad is reviewed by a NON-REGISTERED person from another website
  • You earn when YOUR ad is reviewed by another ad reviewer
  • You earn DAILY from the ShurAds Global Rewards Pool
  • You earn UP TO 100% Matching Bonus of your DIRECT referral's Global Rewards Share.
  • You earn signup bonuses from referring new free affiliates!
  • You receive UP TO an additional 5% discount on ad credit purchase ON TOP OF the HUGE discount we give you just for becoming an affiliate!
Q: Do I have to refer other affiliates to earn with ShurAds?
A: No. Free affiliates earn from reviewing ads and referring new ad reviewers and Pro affiliates also can earn from their ads being reviewed and the DAILY Global Rewards pool.
Q: What payment processors do you use?
A: At this time ShurAds is Crypto Based – We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. We do have other options available inside.
If you do not see an answer to your question, please feel free to Contact Us