Advertise & Earn
Allow your advertising to reward you!!

How much would you love it if your advertising paid you back? How about if your advertising dollars were returned to you 3, 4, 5... even SIX FOLD?

That means for a purchase of 100 mail credits (which can cost as little as one dollar),  you could get back from $3 to $6.00!!

Now you KNOW that will add up like crazy!

ShurAds offers 3 upgraded affiliate memberships in our rewards program; Builders 1, 2 and 3.

These pro affiliate levels are for people who are building their own internet empires.

ShurAds Rewards offers the reliability and effectiveness of guaranteed advertising at a steep, ongoing discount along with an incredibly generous rewards program.

Let's repeat the really amazing part:

Our guaranteed mail ads can pay you back 3 to 6 times the purchase price of the mail ad credits, through our ShurAds Rewards program! That’s huge. No other advertising platform offers that!

Guaranteed Opens + Guaranteed Visits + 3 to 6 times back = That's what we call a true No Brainer!

OH, and did we mention? Every new affiliate that registers after YOU in ShurAds is placed under you in our Activity push line - No matter WHO refers them! This can help YOUR rewards generate money FASTER! Over time, you could have hundreds, if not thousands helping you that you don’t even know!

PLUS, as pro affiliate, you can earn:

  • 25 cents per FREE referral signup bonus
  • Upgrade/renewal (residual income) bonuses
  • Matching Cycle Bonuses
  • Purchase bonuses from referrals advertising purchases
  • Ad Credit Purchase Discounts
  • And more…
The first step to becoming a Builder is to register free as an affiliate.