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Advertise with us!

If you want to advertise with ShurAds (but you’re not interested in earning money with us), you can purchase a marketing campaign below without becoming an affiliate.

Imagine sending your mail ads out and having a 100% open rate. Now imagine that open rate with a 100% website visitation rate! That's exactly what you get with ShurAds advertising.

  • No more wasted advertising $$!
  • No more marketing campaigns with marginal results!

We offer quality, guaranteed mail advertising, banner and text ads at a surprisingly budget-friendly price point.

Your ShurAds advertising campaign can begin within minutes.

Note: Guaranteed mail ad campaigns will be seen by affiliates and builders, as well as being circulated and shown around the world on hundreds of websites, giving you MASS exposure. As a ShurAds advertiser, your mail ad campaigns will run until EVERY mail credit you purchased has generated an open and visit. That means if you purchase 1,000 mail ad credits, your mail ad will be opened 1,000 times and receive 1,000 visits to your website.
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