A Little About Us
Advertising... We live and breathe this stuff!

We began our online advertising journey back in the internet dark ages; when a person could just toss out an email to strangers and actually get a response.

Then came spam, spam and more spam.

Suddenly, people weren't reading email ads anymore; their inboxes got crowded and the internet was less of a novelty and more results driven.

In fact, the current open rate for email advertising is between 16 and 25% depending on the industry and quality of the list. Just imagine, that means between 84 and 75% of the email advertising you pay for is simply wasted.

We found that unacceptable, so we went back to the drawing board.

ShurAds is a new, innovative system, built from the ground up to safely, and effectively deliver your email ads to fresh and interested eyes. Plus, we don't just SAY our email advertising is the best, we GUARANTEE it. With ShurAds you will never waste your advertising dollars again.

That's right, we guarantee that 100% of your email ads WILL be read and your website WILL be visited.

In addition, the ShurAds advertising platform contains an INTERNAL email advertising system. No more stuffed inbox’s and your ad will never again be considered spam.

Along with our email advertising, we offer text and banner ads that are rotated on thousands of pages around the web.