Website Maintenance
We’ll be back open soon!

We are currently upgrading our system, implementing the new platform, editing pages and marketing materials. As well, We’ll be adding some additional enhancements and modifications such as the new OFF-SITE code that will be showing your unique clicks, guaranteed 100% usage, 100% open, 100% visitation mail ads around the internet and not just to our affiliates; increasing both the reach and value of our product.

As mentioned in the updates over the past two months (both in email and posted in the update section), this may take us about a week or two to complete as there are a lot of pages, notifications and so on to go through. This process will be a lot easier to get done without the additional workload and traffic on the website. We will reopen with the new platform by Monday, May 20th (or earlier if everything has been completed).

The new platform will not only increase the value and effectiveness of our advertising product, but also for the affiliates, it will give them the ability to earn money DAILY from reviewing ads and from the activity of advertisers, affiliates and NON-AFFILIATES (people nowhere near the shurads website). This is absolutely HUGE!

We want to thank ALL of our ShurAds and Shur Services Community for your patience as well as for being a valuable part of our family!

Please check back and also watch for updates periodically via email as we work diligently to get the new platform in place!

The Shur Services Team
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