What We Offer At ShurAds
ShurAds GUARANTEED Advertising

Advertising online has changed drastically since the infancy of the internet. While emails remain the most efficient way to feature your product or business, email ads themselves are mainly ignored, deleted and considered mostly spam.

Today's advertisers want and demand more - and ShurAds is the answer.

We've developed a new, innovative system, built from the ground up to safely, and effectively deliver your email ads to fresh and interested eyes. Plus, we don't just SAY our email advertising is the best, we GUARANTEE it. With ShurAds you will never waste your advertising dollars again.

That's right, we guarantee that your email ads WILL be read and your website WILL be visited.

In addition, the ShurAds advertising platform contains an INTERNAL email advertising system. No more stuffed inbox’s and your ad will never again be considered spam.

Along with our email advertising, we offer text and banner ads that are rotated on thousands of pages and a downline builder that affiliates can add their OWN programs to.

While anyone can order retail advertising from ShurAds by clicking on the Advertise link at the top of the page, we have 4 levels of affiliate memberships to offer consistent, top flight, and cost-effective marketing as well as the benefit of being able to participate in the rewards program (IGAP). For more information on this, continue reading...


The ShurAds advertising platform actually GENERATES income in multiple ways:

  • Monthly residual referral bonuses
  • Ad credit purchase bonus
  • 1x2 Forced Progressive Activity Based IG System
  • 4 level matching cycle cash bonus
  • 4 level matching cycle ad credit bonus
Everywhere you turn... another way to earn!

Even better? Free affiliates can also participate in the activity-based IG system to earn cash rewards.

Best of all – You can receive matching bonuses from your FREE referrals!

A few words about the 1x2 Forced Progressive Activity-Based IG system:

  • ALL affiliate membership levels can participate
  • This system is “personally forced” not “company-wide” so it won’t get bogged down
  • ACTIVITY is what moves this system (not new affiliates) and generates income
  • That means, YOUR activity, Your UPLINE’s activity and your DOWNLINE”s activity
  • There is no limit to how many entrees you have in the IG system at any time: You could have a couple of entries, hundreds of entries, even thousands of entries.
  • You could also earn matching bonuses on a couple of downline entries, hundreds of downline entries or thousands of downline entries. (Again, AT ANY TIME!)
Truly, the cycles and matching bonuses can quickly start flying fast and furious, filling up your account and causing you to say, “Everywhere I turn, there’s another way to earn!